Our Services

Locating the vast amount of services needed to look after a car collection can be a taxing, full-time job. EMM London offers members an exclusive suite of 26 different luxury products and services conveniently located under one roof, from a single point of contact. We make ownership easy.


EMM London will inspect and compile a written report on any car prior to purchase or sale. We use the latest laser and ultrasound scanning equipment to analyse the car forensically for quick, patched-up or sub-standard work. A report and valuation are then sent to the prospective buyer or seller with an estimated ideal price to buy/sell.

Global Acquisitions & Sales

EMM London will discreetly source or sell either a single or collection of cars on request. Assisted by an organically grown “under-the-radar” database of over 4,000 collectors, dealers, enthusiasts and owners, clients can be confident they have access to the top 5 examples of every marque, or the biggest collectors on the planet. EMM London will compile a report presenting a minimum of 3 similar cars for choice spanning a range of price and mileages, or 2 to 3 competing bids if a car is to be sold.


EMM London has relationships with some of the top brokers at Lloyds of London where we are able to offer bespoke insurance policies for either a single car or a collection. Combining other assets such as real estate, art, yachts or planes into the same policy maximises efficiencies and minimises costs.


EMM London has exclusive relationships with some of the top classic and supercar financiers to provide long (10 years) or short-term leverage to buyers/collectors of classic and supercars.

Legal Services

EMM London offers an exclusive “closed door” relationship with two of the UK’s top lawyers specialising in the sale/purchase of classic/supercars and other related issues. Both specialise in High-net-Worth clients, including HM The Queen.

RCA – Red Carpet Arrival Service

Unique to EMM London, clients are given the opportunity to arrive at a red-carpet event in their exotic car, but dispense of the hassle of parking it, or getting damaged. One of EMM’s highly qualified professional drivers will intercept the car taking it back to either the storage facility, the client’s home or hotel thereafter. At the end of the night an EMM London Chauffeur will collect the client transferring them back to home or hotel, safe in the knowledge their car is safe and they’re not driving after partying. Clients are offered the choice at the time of booking, a Rolls-Royce Phantom 8, Bentley Flying Spur or Mercedes S Class ELWB.

Chauffeur Services

EMM London offers an unrivalled chauffeur experience in either Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maybach, Audi or Mercedes-Benz on request, over 24 hours, 7 days a week via a dedicated members’ only telephone number. Alternatively, EMM London can offer a fully trained driver for one’s own cars.

Collection Maintenance

EMM London ensures the car(s) in a client’s collection are always serviced, maintained and in legal, useable condition. A lack of accurate and regular service records can have a detrimental effect on the price of the car. We arrange for the car to be collected, serviced/repaired and returned.

Car Certifications

With many manufacturers recognising quality of restoration and originality standards via certification, the value of a car can be damaged without them. EMM London can arrange for the car to be collected, inspected and certified, assuming it meets the standards required.

International Transportation

EMM London can arrange for a car to be shipped or collected from virtually any destination in the world, from a single car to a large collection. Quotes can be offered for air freight, sea container, sea roll-on/roll-off, rail, covered transporter or even driven based on the locations.

Concours Event Management

Lifestyle and concours events can enhance the value of a car, especially if it wins a prize. EMM London has relationships with the organisers and can propose certain cars for display. EMM London would arrange transportation and care for the car. Events include Salon Prive, London Concours, Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Villa D’Este, plus also new events such as the Riyadh Motor Show or Heveningham in the UK.

Research, provenance & history collation

“Deep Dive” research into a car’s history either pre or post purchase, which often involves digging into the car’s original manufacturing team. Accurate and recorded provenance adds significantly to values, particularly in classic racing Ferraris.

Restoration Management

EMM London project manages restorations or repair work to ensure standards are the best they can be. The EMM London recommended network is highly comprehensive offering the very best in craftsmanship and standards of practice.

ARDS Race Instructor on-circuit training

EMM London offers clients on-circuit instruction from some of the UK’s top ARDS race instructors. Clients will be shown how to handle their supercars at high-speed whilst drastically improving lap times, instructed by highly-qualified, professional racing drivers and ARDS race instructors.

White Glove Chauffeur Training

EMM London offers clients the exclusive/unique opportunity to train a favourite or new employee to become a professional chauffeur. EMM London has exclusive access to the team that train Rolls-Royce Phantom chauffeurs.

Close Protection Driver Training

EMM London can also offer the newly trained or familiar chauffeur an extra service where he/she will be trained in VIP close protection driving and defence skills at a secret training facility in the UK .


EMM London offers clients a meticulous OCD level deep cleanse of their cars either at home, office or purpose-built lit facilities in London.

PPF Protection / Wrapping

EMM London offers the opportunity to protect client cars with an invisible, self-healing film protecting the paintwork against birds, stone chips and scratches. EMM London can also arrange for a wrap to be applied to the car in a choice of colours/designs.

Delivery/Collection service

EMM London offers on-road car delivery/collection service using only the very best, qualified drivers. All EMM London drivers are vetted for MSA/FIA race license, ROSPA Gold/Silver, IAM, ARDS or Class 1 ex-Police – only the best.

Road Legal

EMM London will ensure all client cars to be used on the road comply with the UK/EU law regarding taxation, MOT (if applicable) and insurance. Reminders will be sent 1 month before the due date at which point help from the team can be enlisted as necessary.

Probate Services

In the unfortunate event of a death where there is a single or collection of cars, EMM London will arrange with the respective lawyer to get the cars valued, stored away from the deceased’s estate if necessary, marketing and eventual sale of the car.

Exclusive Events

EMM London has partnered with Inner Place, London’s leading lifestyle concierge company who are able to offer a fast track to luxury clubs, restaurants and parties as well as EMM London’s circuit driving, track days, rallies and classic tours.

Collections Management

EMM London will inspect cars in storage on either a quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly basis ensuing the cars in storage are maintained appropriately with correct tyre pressures, battery condition and cleanliness. A report is sent post each inspection for each car.

Auction Management

EMM London has longstanding relationships with all the major global auction houses and is able to manage the entire process of entering, photographing, collating histories, transporting and ultimately selling the car through auctions. EMM London also offers a buyer’s appointed representative service at each auction, able to inspect and view the car prior to bidding.

*member tier dependent