Who are we?

EMM London is a boutique collector car private investment office based in Mayfair, London. The company was set up in 2016 by an ex-City investment banker, BTCC and Porsche racer Richard Hawken, a passionate car collector himself, to meet the increasing demands of discerning HNWI and passionate car collectors.

EMM London operates a discreet collector to collector (C2C) focused business, deep under the radar away from the eyes of dealerships, auctions and brokers. The best cars don’t need advertising, they just need an honest, disciplined vehicle to affect a sale or purchase. That’s what we do.

In many ways EMM London could be thought of as a luxury concierge, but one that solely focuses on classic and collectable cars. Our view is the traditional car dealership model, particularly at the higher end of the market will start to disappear in favour of a more ‘luxury goods’ approach where the product comes to the individual. Several major luxury automotive brands have already made moves in this direction. We also believe that cars will become more regulated, so have taken a very strict, disciplined banking style approach to KYC and AML After all, as we’ve seen recently the sums involved can be huge (Mercedes-Benz SL55 sold for €135m). Whereas dealerships tend to focus on the car, we focus on the client and their automotive needs.

What we offer?

EMM London offers a suite of 24 different products uniquely tailored to classic and super cars, some are used regularly, others not so much. Particularly popular at the moment is using cars as an alternative asset class, so the buy/sell and inspections side of the business is busy. Collectors all want the best-in-class cars, the ones that nobody knows about. As a team we have significant experience in the field having previously run a collector car-based investment fund under a London based alternative asset hedge fund, plus having collected cars as a passion since the mid-90s we have our own experiences. Family offices, private banks and wealth managers have all woken to the returns offered by alternative assets in the face of overheated markets; cars +236% / 10 years. Our objective is to be the default name when a HNWI or collector thinks about buying/selling or building a car collection.

Some of the other services we offer include global secure shipping, inspections, valuations, transportation, race circuit instruction, finance, insurance, portfolio construction, advisory services, probate, buying & selling, storage, detailing, paintless dent repairs, deep-dive history research, restoration management – basically almost anything that is needed for a car and an owner.

We have also just started selling tyre preservers for cars in storage that prevent flat-spotting. These have a lovely eco-friendly story as are made from recycled car tyres and are made in the UK.

What do we cost?

EMM London offers a 3-tiered membership service that is based on annual turnover, rather than membership fees. These are called mEMMbers.

New clients are always charged at 5%, thereafter the level of turnover dictates the member tier.

Silver mEMMbers turnover of £0 to £500k = 4.5% fees

Gold mEMMbers turnover of £500k to £1m = 4.0% fees

Platinum mEMMbers turnover of £1m plus = 3.5% fees

After the first-year clients are invited to pay a nominal membership fee to maintain their status, or will automatically revert to Silver on 31st December.

A refundable deposit is required at the same time we carry out KYC/AML checks.