EMM London

EMM London is a boutique collector car private investment office based in the heart of Mayfair, London.

Being seen as “the car guy” or “Mr Motor” during my investment banking career, powered by an uncontrollable obsession with cars, competing in professional motorsport and managing my own car collection, I was persistently being seen as the voice so was persistently asked for recommendations of services by friends, clients and colleagues for their own exotic car collections; financing, transportation or how do I get on the list for the new Ferrari, who is best to talk to for investment advice before buying a collector car, or most importantly, who does a good job? I realised I was simply passing valuable business to others the whole time who didn’t necessarily share my OCD fuelled attention to detail. Often the service simply wasn’t good enough service and my reputation questioned.

So, in 2019 after a 23 year career trading European Equities, I quit the City, built and launched the EMM London Private Office; the name subtly influenced by the James Bond films, a synonym of unequivocal quality, class and discipline. We launched the Secret Automotive Service focussing on overlaying similar structures, principles and processes learned from investment banking directly into the luxury automotive world for the first time. Cars are every part an investment. The contacts and experience built up over nearly three decades is now wrapped up into a discreet, single point of contact automotive concierge service.

EMM London operates an exclusive, discreet collector to collector (C2C) focused business, deep under the radar away from the eyes of dealerships, auctions and brokers. The best cars don’t need advertising, they just need an honest, disciplined process to affect a sale or purchase. That’s exactly what we do.

Richard Hawken – CEO & Founder

Richard Hawken – CEO & Founder of EMM London Discreet concierge-styled private office for collector car owners