EMM London Private Office goes topless for the 2024 London Concours

L O N D O N  C O N C O U R S


EMM London Private Office goes topless for the 2024 London Concours


Rumour has it, Summer may arrive next week, so to celebrate this rarest of British occasions, EMM London has decided to celebrate by going topless, showcasing two spectacular open-top roadsters from Ferrari and Aston Martin.


The historic and picturesque gardens of the Honourable Artillery Company will once again play host to this exceptional automotive showcase. This year's London Concours promises to be a captivating luxury extravaganza, attracting enthusiasts, car collectors, and aficionados from around the world.


Against a backdrop of architectural splendor and lush greenery, the London Concours creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that seamlessly blends the past, present, and future of the automotive world. A carefully curated selection of over 80 exceptional vehicles will grace the manicured lawns, each representing the epitome of automotive craftsmanship and innovation.




Topless for the 2024 London Concours

Sorry to disappoint, but we meant the cars.


EMM London Private Office is proud to present two unmistakebly, strikingly defining Hypercar roadsters of our time, both ground-breaking in looks and technological development. Thanks go to both owners for allowing us to show these amazing cars over the three day of Concours.

Ferrari Monza SP2

First up the Ferrari Monza SP2, one of the most iconic future classic Ferraris built, inspired by Ferrari's rich heritage of racers. As part of the uber-exclusive Icona range these car were offered to only the very top of the loyal Ferrari client list. With just 499 examples built world-wide, and an unoffical 41 cars sold in the UK, just seeing one of these cars could be considered something of a miracle, so we are thrilled to have one on our stand (32) at London Concours this year.


The SP (Special Project) is no exaggeration; these cars are special. From almost any angle the inspiration of the racers that once entered into gruelling races such as the Mille Miglia or Tour de France are perfectly clear. Ferrari collector icons such as the 750 & 860 Monza, 250 TR and 166MM were all part of the inspiration that designer Flavio Manzoni gorged himself on when designing the stunning SP1 and SP2.


All 499 cars are powered by the 799bhp 6.5 litre Ferrari V12 engine, which delivers its biggest punch at an astonishing 8,500rpm. At the time of launch in 2019, this was the most powerful factory V12 ever produced by Ferrari, until the birth of the 812 Competizione in 2022 delivering 820bhp.


The chassis is very loosely based on the 812, but thanks to carbon fibre composite body panels using the same production techniques as the Ferrari F1 team, the Monza weighs in at just 1500/1520kg SP1/SP2 offering blisteringly fast performance.