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Welcome to the SAS – Secret Automotive Service

Richard Hawken – Founder “Being seen as “the car guy” during my investment banking career, powered by an almost uncontrollable obsession with cars, competing in professional motorsport and managing my own car collection, I was forever being asked for recommendations of services by friends’, clients’ and colleagues’ for their own exotic cars; who does this or that, who to talk to for advice before buying car, or most importantly, who does a good job? I realised I was simply passing valuable business to others the whole time. But if they didn’t deliver a good enough service,and I had recommended them, it reflected badly on me.

So, in 2016 when I quit the City, I built and launched EMM London; the name classically influenced by the James Bond films, a synonym of unequivocal quality, class and direction. We launched our Secret Automotive Service. The contacts and experience built up over nearly three decades is now wrapped up into a discreet, single point of contact concierge service offering.”

Meet the Team

Our Vision

EMM London’s vision is to become the default name in luxury automotive services, not just in the UK but throughout the world. By design EMM gives its members total confidence they are not going to be exposed to fraudulent activities, money launderers or sub-standard workmanship. For the first time EMM London will combine the structure, disciplines and principles from investment banking into the luxury automotive world. Our single point of contact membership system offers clients a 24/7 service, unrivalled in today’s market. Our aim is to role out the service across the Middle East, Monaco, Singapore and across the US. We believe owning a collectable car or cars should be a pleasure and not an inconvenience.

Don’t take our word for it, this is what our members say about us.


Dereck – Florida, USA

Richard and his team at EMM London did a fantastic job sourcing and organizing the restoration of my 1966 Mustang GT convertible. They then seamlessly had it shipped from London to my home in the US. They are efficient, super knowledgeable and 100% reliable. Richard has advised me over the years from my Porsche 993 Turbo S through a brief dalliance with top end Ferraris. I wouldn’t buy, sell or restore a car without their advice. They are simply the best.

Abrahim – Dubai, UAE

EMM London provide me and my family with a discreet, personal service that is difficult to find in my country. I like the membership system and the ability to call Richard or James with questions almost 24/7, or requests to view new cars for us before we buy them. I will continue to use them for shipping my cars to Europe too.

Karl – Munich, Germany

The team’s expertise in the field of luxury autos is the most important part of EMM London from my side. The list of services which is all contained in one house is not available anywhere else. Their professionalism and efficiency are most welcome to us in Germany. Thank you guys.

Charles – London, UK

I used EMM London in 2019 to prepare and enter a car into a prestigious concours event. I was impressed, they sent a discreet covered transporter, got the car fully detailed and prepared, then transported it to and from the event. It didn’t win but came close.

Paul – London, UK

RCA (Red Carpet Arrive) service is just a fantastic service. My wife and I used the service for a pre-Christmas party in central London. We drove and arrived in the Bugatti then headed into the party. The EMM London team were there waiting to take the car back home as we partied. We like that the team are all professional racing drivers. By 3am, exhausted and not very sober, the EMM London driver was there in the Rolls-Royce to take us home. Wow, great service worth every penny.

Ahmad – Doha, Qatar

I always rely on Richard to find the best cars, he has a good eye for quality.

Dan – Singapore, Malaysia

Knowing my cars are in good hands means the world to me living and working abroad. I like EMM London’s advice on what to buy and own too being an investor.

William – London, UK

I can highly recommend EMM London as a great car concierge in London. The service they provide is exceptional, always responding promptly and going above and beyond what I ask them to do. They have made my life much easier… highly recommended!

Ben – Singapore, Malaysia

EMM have been an excellent resource for inspecting, transporting, storing and selling our portfolio of cars. We have met with Richard in Singapore, Paris and London, and he has always been available when needed. We continue to benefit from EMM’s expertise in the industry, and their ongoing support and advice on all things motor related.