EMM London can offer Five Star, luxury climate-controlled car storage across many parts of the UK. We can also offer HMRC approved bonded storage, allowing non-duty paid vehicles entering the UK a safe, secure place to reside. All cars placed into storage benefit from trickle chargers, climate controlled environment, valeting and constant care. We also offer a collection and delivery service to anywhere in the world.

The market for collecting exotic cars across the globe has ballooned in the last decade to over $200bln according to a recent survey. Cars are valuable, but physically large assets to own, which has led to many storage facilities being set up of varying quality.

In the UK alone, storage facilities have reached ‘waiting list only’ levels operating at maximum capacity. Even then, horror stories of flat tyres, dead batteries and thick layers of dust are heard frequently when owners visit their cars unannounced. We intend to operate at the top of the market and become the default name for high quality storage and requisite services.

Our objective is to offer our clients a value enhancing service that over time will add incrementally to the car’s values. Every car that enters our facility for storage for greater than 12 months will benefit from a deep polish and professional ceramic coating by a specialist. This is just one of the many product differentiators.

Storage Services Included

  • Temperature controlled and dehumidified facility at all times.
  • Full decontamination of the vehicle before the car enters the facility.
  • Trickle charger on cars at all times.
  • Checks on cars weekly which will all be logged with this information being given to the customer at time of the car being taken out the facility.
  • Information available to view on the App.
  • Every two weeks cars will be run, tyre pressures checked, fluid checks and also ignition checks.
  • If any problems occur with a car whilst in the facility, the customer is contacted and problems are rectified by specialists once authorised.