This strikingly beautiful and very original early Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 2 was first delivered in June of 1977 by JD Barclay to the Chairman of Walsall Pressings. The car was specified exactly as it is today with a single dark brown fine line on the body and wheels, matching tan leather dash top, knee roll, fuse box compartment and radio fascia surround, complemented by black wall Dunlop tyres, which have just been renewed with Avon Turbosteels.

The car retains its original condition, original radio which works perfectly, original lambswool rugs which are still fluffy, the leather seats and door cards are soft and unmarked and even still has the subtle scent of leather inside. All the electrics on this car work as they should.

Sparingly used, the car barely did any miles under the 3 previous owners which is fully supported by a comprehensive service history file and original RR service book with stamps. From the records on file it would appear 2 of the owners were RREC members with various reports done on the car remarking on its super low mileage. 

Records show the car was stored from 2001 to 2014, but during that time the car had an MOT every year maintaining an exemplary record of the mileage. In 13 years, the car travelled a whopping 2,355 miles.

In 2014 the car had a major service which included new brake, pumps, accumulators, brakes and a number of service items.

The history file is incredible, with the original purchase invoice and build records on file. Services invoices on file are from Axtell Rolls-Royce, Royce Engineering, Weybridge Automobiles Roll-Royce, HA Fox, AGS Rolls-Royce specialists and A&S Engineering Rolls-Royce specialists. It’s clear this car has been cherished by all 3 owners.

The car comes with a full book set, including the PDI labels that were placed over the controls from new. The toolkit in the boot is a full complement and looks like it’s never been used. This car is a real time-warp.

Whilst the car is absolutely immaculate, it is to be expected after nearly 46 years it would have the odd minor stone chip here and there demonstrating the car’s originality. The car has no rust anywhere.

It has recently had 4 brand new Avon Turbosteel tyres in black sidewall exactly as per the original factory build sheet.

The car is booked in to have an inspection and service w/c 7th November 2022 bringing the service records fully upto date. I have a breakdown of every service, mileage and MOT on 2 sheets of A4 available on request.

I’d be amazed if there is a nicer car out there under £40k. 


931 RRE History

20th June 1977 – Supplied new by J. D Barclay Oxford to Walsall Pressings, Walsall on registration CWL 888R

Original invoice on file

Original build records on file

5th July 1979 - 1st Service 1,116 miles Appleyard Rippon, Glasgow (stamp in book)

3rd March 1980 - 2nd Service 3,438 miles Dutton Forshaw, Preston (stamp in book)

15th May 1980 – MOT 3,942 miles (on file)

18th August 1981 - 3rd Service 6,861 miles P&A Wood, Essex (stamp in book)

20th May 1982 - MOT 9,456 miles

23rd December 1982 - Car sold to Mr Derek Greaves and registration 3990 DG used

14th June 1983 – MOT 12,530 miles

10th April 1984 - 4th Service 14,665 miles P&A Wood, Essex (stamp in book)

1st July 1984 – MOT 14,687 miles

30th June 1987 – MOT 14,695 miles

24th August 1987 - 5th Service 14,702 miles Silver Lady Services (stamp in book)

22nd June 1988 – MOT 14,770 miles

6th July 1990 – MOT 14,810 miles

31st January 1992 – MOT 14,838 miles

5th August 1993 – 6th Service Axtell Autos RR Specialists 14,881 miles (invoice on file)

31st August 1993 – MOT 14,886 miles

28th October 1993 change of owner to Mr John Ellis

2nd November 1993 – Pre purchase Inspection report by Axtell RR specialists at 14,881 miles carried out in August 1993

17th November 1993 – 7th Service Axtell Autos RR Specialists 14,941 miles (invoice on file)

3rd August 1994 – 8th Service by private mechanic 15,508 miles (invoice on file)

19th August 1994 – MOT 16,376 miles

20th March 1995 – 9th Service private mechanic 17,410 miles

4th August 1995 – 10th Service Axtell Autos RR Specialists 18,621 miles (invoice on file)

1st October 1995 – MOT 19,711 miles Farncombe Service Station (on file)

1st March 1996 – 11th Service Axtell Autos RR Specialists 19,960 miles (invoice on file)

30th May 1996 – 12th Service/repairs Axtell Autos RR Specialists 20,774 miles (invoice on file)

7th October 1996 – MOT 21,904 miles Farncombe Service Station (on file)

13th June 1997 – 13th Service Weybridge Autos RR 22,132 miles (invoice on file, stamp in book)

28th October 1997 – MOT 22,456 miles Farncombe Service Station (on file)

9th July 1998 – 14th Service HA Fox 23,055 miles (invoice on file)

24th November 1998 – MOT 23,894 miles (on file)

14th September 1999 - Registered as NPO 799R

6th May 2000 – MOT 24,754 miles (on file)

25th April 2001 – Purchased by Ronnie Leng

25th July 2002 – Registered as 931 RRE

23rd June 2006 – MOT 27,811 miles (DVLA)

20th June 2007 – MOT 28,383 miles (DVLA)

14th June 2008 – MOT 28,801 miles (DVLA)

30th July 2009 – MOT 29,267 miles (DVLA)

18th November 2010 – MOT 29,541 miles (DVLA)

29th November 2011 – MOT 29,621 miles (DVLA)

28th November 2012 – MOT 29,771 miles (DVLA)

20th November 2013 – MOT 30,017 miles (DVLA)

24th April 2014 – 15th Service AGS RR and Bentley 30,166 miles (on file)

18th November 2014 – MOT 30,381 miles (DVLA)

19th October 2015 – MOT 30,548 miles (DVLA)

20th October 2016 – MOT 30,852 miles (DVLA)

14th July 2017 – 16th Service AGS RR and Bentley 30,905 miles (on file)

19th October 2017 – MOT 30,983 miles (DVLA)

40 years old tax and MOT exemption certificate issued (on file)

19th September 2018 – MOT 31,093 miles (DVLA)

14th March 2019 – 17th Service AGS RR and Bentley 31,110 miles (on file)

21st January 2020 – MOT 31,214 miles (DVLA)

21 November 2022 – Service Elite Motor Management 31,251 miles (on file)

Mileage as of 23rd November 2022 31,257 miles


Silver Shadow 2
31,251 mi
Exterior Colour
Willow Gold

Price £39,000.00

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