For the discerning collector with an eye on a solid ROI, EMM London Private Office is delighted to have for sale a very special investment grade one of one 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS which was fitted with the very rare (1 of 4) Sprint Pack. 

Back in 1978 if you were a Lord, and seemingly your new 308 wasn't quite quick enough, Ferrari through it's UK importer (Maranello Concessionaires), for a hefty sum would strip and modify the engine for performance. The tuning kit was called the"Sprint Pack", but Ferrari were insistent the upgrades were not to be fitted until it had been "run in" after driving 3k miles: even if you do have a seat at the House of Lords. The car would then have the engine removed, stripped competely to then be fitted with high compression pistons, (taking the compression to a more racecar derived 10.1 to 1, from the factory 8.8 to 1), four (yes 4) high-lift performance camshafts, a set of much larger jets and venturis for the Weber DCNF carbs (4 of those too) a free-flowing Ansa 4 pipe exhaust system, a red rather than black air box, a front spoiler and 16 x 7" alloy wheels with Pirelli tyres to keep the car on the road. 

Accordingly it added c35bhp taking the car to c290bhp which in 1978 was a lot of ponies in a car that weighed around 1000kg. To compare the flagship 512BB at the time was pushing out 360bhp from a 5 litre boxer 12 engine. To quote Autosport on October 25 1979 "the engine really starts to pick up past 5000 rpm and by the time it reaches 7700 rpm, it's pulling strongly. Where it impresses is how it surges onwards at the time when the standard car's impressive enough acceleration is starting to flatten off". The original Autosport article where this car was tested is included in this car's enormous history folder. 

The upgrades shaved a respectable 1 second off the sprint to 60 mph and 3 seconds off the sprint to 100 mph with a top speed of over 150mph. 

We are told reliably by Ferrari historian Tony Willis only 4 of the magnificent 308s were fitted with a Sprint Pack and it's strongly believed having carried out research, this is the only GTS with the pack fitted, making it a very rare and very attractive invesment proposition. 

This is where we introduce its first owner and buyer, the Seventh Marquess of Bristol, Lord John Jermyn. A Harrovian educated flamboyant man with a total disdain for the road traffic laws of Great Britain who was great (school) friends with the management of dealership H.R Owen. The file contains some quite frankly hilarious letters written by Lord Jermyn to Ferrari insiting they build the car precisely to his spec with Ferrari writing back via H.R Owen telling him no! As you read the replies in a chronological order, more toys get metaphorically thrown from the pram, but eventually, Ferrari wins and the Lord has to do 3k miles before Ferrari will fit the Sprint Pack. It is believed that management of H.R Owen may have done the lion's share of those miles which included several media test drives - why wouldn't you with something so special?

The car was specified to most of Lord Jermyn's requests which included electric windows, air conditioning, laminated windscreen, tinted glass, front fog lamps and wider 7" alloy wheels. Additionally the dash, centre console, arm rests, glove pockets and seat stripes (normally finished in all black vinyl) were specified in blue Connolley hides VM3282. It is strongly believed this is the only 308 to have had these modifications and certaintly the only GTS.

The accompanying history folder is a superbly detailed archive, well preserved for posterity. Being honest, it could use a couple of days of effort to sort chronologically. We would also advise binding in 3, (maybe 4) bespoke leather folders for the true OCD collector. 

In the last year this car has undergone an almost total restoration with invoices for over £75,000 from renowned Ferrari restorers. This included vast mechanical work to the running gear and suspension, a bare metal respray back to its original colour Bleu Scuro Dino (20A357), fully retrimmed interior, refurbished wheels with new tyres and completely recarpeted as per factory spec. The car also boasts its original bookpack, jack, tools and even the plug in torch.  

The car now presents exactly as it left the factory in 1978 which can be referenced in the images shown below. 

This car has been out of the public eye for decades, disguised in the incorrect red over black, to the untrained eye just another red 308. Thanks to the current owner's diligence it has been afforded a new lease of life in its "as factory" spec, to now be enjoyed. EMM London would advise having this car Classiche certified post purchase as well as undertakeing a program of media exposure, all of which we can deliver on. We have already secured an entry to the London Concours in June 2023. A win at this prestigious event would be the first of the car's journey back to resplendent fame and glory. 

We would advise looking seriously at this car at one's earliest convenience. Remember, it's the only one there is and not likely to be for sale again. 

Viewing is strictly by appointement via EMM London Private Office. 

Current asking price £195,000. 

EMM London's standard tiered fees apply. 





308 GTS Sprint Pack
47,000 mi
Exterior Colour
Bleu Scaro Dino

Price £195,000.00

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